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Birthday Party - March 24, 2018

Your party includes a 2-Hour Fun-Packed Celebration!

  • 3 Birthday Counselors, Wide Variety of Activities, Song & Gift.
  • Special surprise guest/event each month! 
  • Three 30 minute activities and a Party room for Cake, Songs, and gifts 
  • Listed below are the remaining available parties. 
  • If none are listed please call us to be placed on a waitlist 508-238-2387.


FormatBeginsTimeAge GroupsPrice Select
1Sat - week of 3/24/201810:00-12:00n/a$150.00Wait List
2Sat - week of 3/24/201810:30-12:30n/a$150.00Wait List
3Sat - week of 3/24/201811:00-1:00n/a$150.00Wait List
4Sat - week of 3/24/201811:30-1:30n/a$150.00Wait List
5Sat - week of 3/24/20181:00-3:00n/a$150.00Wait List
6Sat - week of 3/24/20181:30-3:30n/a$150.00Wait List
7Sat - week of 3/24/20182:00-4:00n/a$150.00Wait List
8Sat - week of 3/24/20182:30-4:30n/a$150.00Wait List
9Sat - week of 3/24/20183:30-5:30n/a$150.00Wait List
10Sat - week of 3/24/20184:00-6:00n/a$150.00Wait List