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Vacation Program 2018 April 16th -20th

  • K-8th GRADE VACATION:   9am-4pm
    Children currently enrolled in School
    Before and After care available 

    Ages 3-5 years old (birthday on or before 11/30/17)
    Extended day available until 2:30

    If you have not been a program participant as of September 2017 
    a completed Maplewood packet must accompany your enrollment form.
    Click here to download

FormatBeginsTimeAge GroupsPrice Select
1-2:30Mon - week of 4/17/20181:00-2:301-2:30$10.00 
April VacationMon - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:001st child$80.00 
April VacationMon - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:00Sibling$75.00 
9-1Mon - week of 4/16/20189:00-1:009-1$40.00 
PMMon - week of 4/16/20184:00-6:30after care$7.00 
AMMon - week of 2/19/20187:30-9:00before care$7.00 
1-2:30Tue - week of 4/17/20181:00-2:301-2:30$10.00 
April VacationTue - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:001st child$80.00 
April VacationTue - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:00Sibling$75.00 
9-1Tue - week of 4/16/20189:00-1:009-1$40.00 
PMTue - week of 4/16/20184:00-6:30after care$7.00 
AMTue - week of 2/19/20187:30-9:00before care$7.00 
1-2:30Wed - week of 4/17/20181:00-2:301-2:30$10.00 
April VacationWed - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:001st child$80.00 
April VacationWed - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:00Sibling$75.00 
9-1Wed - week of 4/16/20189:00-1:009-1$40.00 
PMWed - week of 4/16/20184:00-6:30after care$7.00 
AMWed - week of 2/19/20187:30-9:00before care$7.00 
1-2:30Thu - week of 4/17/20181:00-2:301-2:30$10.00 
April VacationThu - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:001st child$80.00 
April VacationThu - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:00Sibling$75.00 
9-1Thu - week of 4/16/20189:00-1:009-1$40.00 
PMThu - week of 4/16/20184:00-6:30after care$7.00 
AMThu - week of 2/19/20187:30-9:00before care$7.00 
1-2:30Fri - week of 4/17/20181:00-2:301-2:30$10.00 
April VacationFri - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:001st child$80.00 
April VacationFri - week of 4/16/20189:00-4:00Sibling$75.00 
9-1Fri - week of 4/16/20189:00-1:009-1$40.00 
PMFri - week of 4/16/20184:00-6:30after care$7.00 
AMFri - week of 2/19/20187:30-9:00before care$7.00